DanNY Hernandez
One of my biggest passions is traveling with my camera to an unfamiliar place and capturing content that accurately represents my feeling of being there. All the work you see was captured on a Sony a7 III or an iPhone. I have been an educator on mobile photography techniques for over 8 years with Apple and have my degree in Film/Video.

Music has always been apart of my life. Recording drum covers and creating original music with bands is how I deal with maintaining my music chops. There is something just so satisfying about camping out in a studio for days and days and producing something great in the end. My biggest drummer influences would be Darren King from MuteMath and Carter Beauford from Dave Matthews Band. 

Instructional Design is how I spend my time professionally. Having done training and onboarding with many companies, I'm very passionate about managing training environments and creating content that transforms information into a clear and digestible format. Being that person that sets you up for success at your job is something I take great pride in. 

 I am highly motivated by experiencing new things. Always growing and challenging myself, both personally and professionally, is an addiction to me. After all of the above, whatever time is left I spend on gaming and climbing rocks.